The Real.

In America, there's still issues. Especially with Colored-Americans (blacks).

The issues from slavery have moved into today, and black men more than anyone other is still dealing with slave-driven mentalities. One of the main one's is the fact that black men, especially darker skin black men, seem to prefer white or very light women. WHy?

Where did this come from?

Why do black men hold black women to higher standards than non-black women?

Why do so many successful black men shun beautiful educated black women but will marry uneducated white/hispanic/asian/mixed nannies, waitresses, video girls, strippers, and even call-girls?

But many black mothers have sacrificed their everything for their black boys, why do the boys end up marrying and preferring women that are nothing like the women that raised them?

Why do black men like light-skin black girls over dark-skin black girls?

What's a redbone?

How can the black men learn to love himself again?

What can I do to help black men love black women again?

What can I do to help black men love dark-skin women?

Will black men ever love themselves and their women? If so, when? If not, why?

These are only a few of the topics that will be covered.

It is 2010. It is time for a black man's revolution-- we will re-instate the black family and we will love and treasure our women and put them on pedestals.

You don't have to be black to be with me, we can all work together to help this race of people. Let's help black men love themselves and their women again.

- The Truth aka The Black Man